Registrations as a playing or associate member of the Dunedin  Ice Hockey Association are via club hub.   Please pay the applicable registration fees when you register.

As a note for using the club hub system, it is important that during the registration process, you register for a primary league. If you are planning to play in the NZIHL, play games in the Southern Ice Hockey League, attend Nationals of the NZJEL, you should register in peewees, midgets, junior, or the Dunedin Ice Hockey Senior league.

If you wish to just play social hockey in Dunedin (Premier League, Dunedin Ice Hockey League or Oldtimers League) choose Dunedin Ice Hockey Social League.

Helping the DIHA

The Dunedin Ice Hockey Association Board of Directors meets on the first Monday of every month at the Dunedin Ice Stadium. If you are interested in being involved with the committee and organising hockey events in Dunedin then please contact the DIHA secretary.

Dunedin Thunder

For information about the Dunedin Thunder team, please visit their website.

More Information

For more information please visit our contact page. Beginners should visit our Beginners page.