Membership categories are:

  • Senior Membership (19 or older): Eligible to play in DIHL, SIHL and NZIHL
  • Youth Membership (under 19): Eligible to play in DIHL, SIHL and NZIHL
  • Social Membership: Eligible to play in DIHL
  • Associate Membership

Senior, youth, and associate membership entitles members to participate fully in all the activities of the club, including practices, all relevant games and leagues, competition in the Southern Ice Hockey League, and attendance at nationals as part of a SIHL Representative team.

They also include membership of the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation, who provide international representation, national representative teams (under 16, under 18, under 20, Ice Fernz (senior women), and Ice Blacks (senior men)), national coaching courses, training of officials, organisation of nationals, and support for clubs.

These membership categories also entitle members to compete in Dunedin‐based Southern Ice Hockey League teams, which compete against teams from Alexandra, Gore, Naseby, Queenstown and Tekapo.

Social members are full members of the DIHA, and have full rights within the association. They are only associate members of the Southern Ice Hockey League and New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation. They may not, therefore, compete in games against any teams from other clubs, or compete in nationals.

All members are entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting of the club, which takes place in November each year. Senior membership entitles the member to one vote. Youth membership entitles the parent of the member one vote. Multiple youth memberships still only award the parent one vote.

Associate members are non‐voting, their membership entitles them to assist with various volunteer activities and serve on the DIHA Board and other ice hockey committees.

At its Annual General Meeting the club also can award honorary life membership to people who have shown great commitment to Dunedin Ice Hockey. Life members pay no levy.

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