Borrowing Club Gear

The club has a sizeable collection of ice hockey gear stored in its club gear room at the back of the rink, next to the changing rooms.

Members, adult beginners, and kiwihockey players may borrow this gear either for a one-off session, or for a term or season.

To borrow gear for a one-off session, consult the manager at the relevant session.

To borrow gear for the season or the term, complete the Gear Form, and present it to the session manager with a form of ID and a $50 bond and $40 hire fee.

At the end of the season, please return the gear to retrieve your bond.
Gear available includes:
o Helmets
o Sticks
o Gloves
o Elbow pads
o Shoulder pads (mostly youth)
o Shorts (limited numbers)
o Shin pads
o Skates
o Tops (only for certain grades)
o Bags

The following gear is not available:
o Mouthguard (required for all games, try The Warehouse)
o Box/shorts (highly recommended)
o Ice hockey socks

Helping the DIHA

The Dunedin Ice Hockey Association Board of Directors meets on the first Monday of every month at the Dunedin Ice Stadium. If you are interested in being involved with the committee and organising hockey events in Dunedin then please contact the DIHA secretary.

Dunedin Thunder

For information about the Dunedin Thunder team, please visit their website.

More Information

For more information please visit our contact page. Beginners should visit our Beginners page.