Dunedin Ice Hockey Leagues

The Dunedin Ice Hockey Association runs a number of leagues throughout the year, from adult beginners to premier checking, with our Senior Non-Checking League being our flagship social league.

Beginners (Learn To Play)

We run a social league for beginners in addition to the beginner training sessions.

Read more about the Beginner (Learn To Play) programme

Oldtimers League

Oldtimers participate in social competitions throughout the season, and is a great way for older beginners to transition to playing hockey.

Read more about the Oldtimers League

Senior Non-Checking League

Our social league, the Senior Non-Checking League, also commonly referred to as the DIHL, runs all throughout the season with a number of teams competing for the top spot.

Read more about the Senior Non-Checking League

Premier Checking League

Our Premier Checking League takes place before the NZIHL commences, and is suitable for advanced players.

Read more about the Premier Checking League

Contact the VP Adult Hockey for further information.